SNAP Match Program

Use your SNAP benefits to their fullest at Tillamook Farmers Market with our SNAP match! For every $1 you spend through EBT, you get matched an additional $1 up to $10 in extra SNAP currency to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables, honey, cut herbs, nuts and mushrooms, baked goods, eggs and more. Your SNAP Match dollars can be used on all SNAP eligible food sold at the market.

How it works.

Come to the Farmers Market Trailer

We're located in front of the Tillamook County Courthouse. 

Bring your Oregon Trail Card to the Farmers Market Trailer and we will charge your card for the amount you determine to spend and give you $1 wooden tokens to spend with SNAP eligible Vendors.  

We will Match your SNAP dollars

These SNAP match cards can be spent on any item at the Tillamook Farmers Market that is SNAP eligible.

For every $1 you spend in SNAP at the market, we will match you dollar-for-dollar up to $10 a day. 

Come back all season long!

Didn't spend all your SNAP and SNAP Match dollars? Bring them back next week! 

We will match SNAP customers up to $10 a day every Saturday of the Market season.


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